[cfe-dev] [Release-testers] [3.9 Release] Release Candidate 3 has been tagged

Dimitry Andric via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 25 23:21:26 PDT 2016

On 25 Aug 2016, at 05:42, Hans Wennborg via Release-testers <release-testers at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> 3.9.0-rc3 was just tagged from the branch at r279704.
> This one is very similar to rc2. These are the only new commits:
> r279224 - Minor change to OpenCL release notes
> r279260 - [lld] Add a note that 3.9 is a major milestone for us
> r279468, r279474 - Fix gather-root.ll SLP vectorizer test to not expose UB
> r279476 - [lld] Add R_386_TLS_LE as a relocation having an implicit addend.
> r279471 - [msan] Disable prlimit test on glibc < 2.13
> r279477 - [CloneFunction] Don't remove unrelated nodes from the CGSSC
> r279647 - [SCCP] Don't delete side-effecting instructions
> Please take this for a spin. If there are no hiccups, the plan is to
> promote this to 'final' on Friday and ship the release early next
> week.

Built and tested OK on FreeBSD 10 again.  Uploaded:

SHA256 (clang+llvm-3.9.0-rc3-i386-unknown-freebsd10.tar.xz) = 32a2c03ca51223baf93baf35261254d50f8a948db3cfd17963a540e7a6aa1b36
SHA256 (clang+llvm-3.9.0-rc3-amd64-unknown-freebsd10.tar.xz) = feae733036a3932dcb96a807e9ab626d0ece16424444323d207815816725c0b5


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