[cfe-dev] [llvm-dev] LLVM 3.9 RC binaries should NOT disable assertions.

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AFAIK there are no public bots for the release branches; it's just Hans or Tom, and their cadre of release elves, doing everything manually (?).  It's unlikely to be worthwhile to replicate the entire bot farm to watch release branches with their relatively tiny amount of activity and limited lifespan, but it might be worth having a representative set that could be pointed to each successive release branch as they occur.  We never (intend to) have more than one going at a time, IIUC, so relatively few bots would be needed.

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> I would argue that you should build the RC and the release the same way.  I've had to fix bugs were someone had an assert with a side-effect, and the code with asserts turned off didn't work.

OK, so it's clearly important to provide and test against RC's in the actual release configuration, especially since assertions can introduce bugs on their own.
Arguably however assertions catch more bugs that they cause and if an assertion is firing in a RC  that's a bug and we should want to know about it.

Simply providing both configurations is a good start but I think we want our releases to be assertion free and ensuring that should
be part of the releases process.

Those are my 2 cents at least.


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