[cfe-dev] Current state of libcxx compatibility with libstdc++

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Tue Aug 9 13:31:37 PDT 2016

On 8/9/2016 2:29 PM, Martin J. O'Riordan via cfe-dev wrote:

> So this has gone off on a tangent from whether or not LibC++ should be
> binary compatible with 'libstdc++' (sorry for hijacking that discussion) -
> and for the record I don't think that they "should" be, and I don't think
> that they "can" be - but it does raise the broader issue regarding whether
> successive versions of a C++ library from the same vendor (LLVM/CLang in
> this case) should be binary compatible.  And this is a trade-off - either we
> have 100% implementation hiding (i.e. a true black-box interface) which will
> incur a runtime penalty (space and/or time) - or we have a compromise which
> allows the implementer to provide more efficient (space/time)
> implementations with successive revisions, but at the expense of binary
> portability.
> There is no perfect answer.
> 	MartinO
You should look at this paper:

I haven't heard much activity on it since it was released, so maybe it 
was discussed and dropped.

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