[cfe-dev] Clang returns Parameter names instead of Arguments

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Sun Aug 7 06:06:41 PDT 2016


I want to print the arguments passed to a function. But clang returns
Parameter names used in the function definition. Here is my code:

if (CallExpr *call = dyn_cast<CallExpr>(st))
    LangOptions LangOpts;
    LangOpts.CPlusPlus = true;
    PrintingPolicy Policy(LangOpts);

    for(int i=0, j=call->getNumArgs(); i<j; i++)
        std::string TypeS;
        raw_string_ostream raw(TypeS);
        call->getArg(i)->printPretty(raw, 0, Policy);
        errs() << raw.str() << "\n";
int iArgument = 123;
char cArgument = 'c';
foo(iArgument, cArgument);
For this code, it should print iArgument and cArgument, but it is printing
the names of the parameters given in function definition.

Please tell what might be the problem.

Also, I am able to get the arguments' name when I am using a simple C++
code. But when I start using another library's API (for that I am
specifying compile_commands.json file), this presents problems.

Dhriti Khanna
PhD Scholar
IIIT Delhi
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