[cfe-dev] Clang on Windows targeting gcc requirements

Nikola Smiljanic popizdeh at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 16:41:32 PDT 2015

> I don't know where Paul Bristow's comments are coming from ( I don't see
> them in this mailing list recently anywhere ) but he has recently attempted
> to get clang on Windows targeting gcc working and has gotten help for it on
> the Boost developers mailing list.

He replied only to my email and didn't include cfe-dev.

> I still don't know why users of clang are expected to step up to get these
> issues addressed. Don't clang developers consider this an issue of any
> importance ? Last I heard Windows was still be used vastly more than Linux
> and/or Mac combined in the world. I also use Linux and have no prejudices
> against it, but like many developers find Windows more developer friendly
> overall.

I'm starting to repeat myself, there's no "clang developers" in the sense
you understand. There's people employed by companies and paid to work on
stuff those companies find important. Chromium team cares about Windows
support the most and as far as I know they're the main contributors for
VC++ ABI stuff. The open source community (clang developers) would love to
have Clang working seamlessly on Windows but haven't had the time to
address it. There needs to be someone to drive this effort and we don't
really have that someone right now. So whoever finds these issues important
can either step up or wait for someone else to get this done, when and if
they get to it.

> Unlike Paul I do understand why clang uses gcc's headers and RTL ( aka
> libstdc++ ). What I have always failed to understand is why, this being the
> case, clang has so little documentation on the relationship of any
> particular clang release to the particular underlying gcc releases with
> which clang can work. Similarly, as I understand it, clang can use libc++
> instead of libstdc++. But again under Windows there is no documentation on
> how this may be done. In general the porting of clang to Windows, while
> working fine if everything is setup correctly, seems like almost an
> afterthought for clang developers.

We went through this documentation issue in the other thread. As for libc++
on Windows, it's not much different from anything else, it's not officially
supported because nobody cared enough to get it working. There's been a few
efforts, you can search the mailing list, I don't know the exact details, I
think someone recently asked about it.
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