[cfe-dev] Clang on Windows targeting gcc requirements

Nikola Smiljanic popizdeh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 20:34:52 PDT 2015

>> Does it normally take 9 months or more to review a fix ?
Normally no, but not many people are interested in mingw which is why we
don't have proper driver support in the first place. People who review are
pretty busy so it's patch authors responsibility to remind them, it's
unfortunate but we've had many patches lost this way. I send pings every
week or so for my patches that go unreviewed.

> The hardcoded paths clang currently uses all appear to be off of c:\mingw.
> It does not appear to be the case that version numbers are hardcoded. I
> can test the clang binaries for clang-3.4.1, clang-3.5.2, clang-3.6.1, and
> the latest clang-3.7 built from source all against the latest mingw
> distribution, which uses gcc-4.8.1, and is linked to from c:\mingw without
> any problems. If each clang release hardcoded the mingw version, by which I
> am guessing you mean of course the gcc version, it is doubtful that all the
> different clang releases I mentioned would work with the gcc-4.8.1 release.
Have a look at InitHeaderSearch.cpp, it has a list of mingw versions, and
as you point out paths start with c:/mingw

> If this fix removes the hardcoded c:\mingw path when searching for a gcc
> distro to use, how does the end-user tell clang where the gcc distro he
> wants to use with clang resides ?
I can't answer this one.

> I gather then that the patch file is a subversion patch file. From where
> in the llvm tree do I apply the patch ? How do I know that the patch will
> work with the latest llvm/clang source I have updated from the llvm/clang
> sunversion repositories ? Or is the patch only valid for a particular
> version of clang and not the latest version from source ?

It's either svn or git patch, you're supposed to apply it to clang
checkout/clone. That would be llvm/tools/clang for a usual in-tree setup.
As with any other patch, it was generated from specific source version, but
since this code doesn't change too much you should be able to apply it
cleanly to trunk with a little bit of luck.

If you'd like to get this checked in, email patch authors, give hand
testing/reviewing the patch and try to get things rolling, it's been a
while since last comment in the review.
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