[cfe-dev] Question on __attribute__((vector_size)) and templates

Alexey Frolov alexfrolov1878 at yandex.ru
Thu Jun 25 09:01:31 PDT 2015

Hi Richard, Aaron,

This is a kind reminder if case this thread got forgotten.
Any thoughts on this?

Thank you,
Alexey Frolov
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18.06.2015, 15:35, "Alexey Frolov" <alexfrolov1878 at yandex.ru>:
>  Hi Richard, Aaron,
>  I have a question regarding issue described in http://llvm.org/PR15730 and http://llvm.org/PR16986.
>  In comment 1 of PR16986 Richard said:
>    >> We should generalize the handling of dependent expressions from the alignment attributes to deal with this case too.
>  As far as I know, alignment attributes only appertain to variables or typedefs (which both have AST nodes). I don't think we can generalize this approach for vector_size attribute as it appertains to types (which do not have AST nodes).
>  What about creating a new property for VectorType that would state that this vector type is dependent (dependent vector types are vector types with dependent base types and/or dependent size expressions)? It seems to be somewhat more appropriate to me.
>  This will be somewhat similat to the way ExtVectorType and DependentSizedExtVectorType are treated.
>  What do you think?
>  Thank you,
>  Alexey Frolov
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>  Software Engineer
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