[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] LLVM 3.7 release plans

Daniel Sanders Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com
Tue Jun 23 07:40:20 PDT 2015

> > - Using CMake for the release binaries. I think I promised we'd do
> > this for 3.7. I haven't actually started looking at this yet, but I'm
> > still optimistic.
> I'm absolutely in agreement with this. Most of us already use CMake
> for development, a lot of the buildbots are based on it and I think we
> all agree that autoconf is deprecated. Makes no sense to still use it
> for releases.

I have mixed opinions on it. For the 32-bit Mips packages I normally do it's definitely a good thing (it allows me to ship sanitizers for one). However, I'm hoping to do Mips64 packages too and I recently discovered cmake problems with Mips64 and find_library(). I don't think this should stop everyone switching over to cmake but it would be good to retain the option of autoconf for a bit longer.

> 2. Check that the things you want to build are actually build. The
> script checks out everything (including dragonegg and libc++), but my
> final binaries never had any of them. Not even compiler-rt. This one I
> *will* start caring *very* soon. I'd like to have both RT and libcxx
> for 3.7.

I was surprised by the lack of compiler-rt in the Mips packages too. It turned out that only X86 built compiler-rt in an autoconf-based build.

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