[cfe-dev] Missing the consideration of calling conversion in around 81 clang regression tests.

Maggie Yi maggieyi666 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 01:25:46 PDT 2015

Dear All,

I would like to discuss clang regression tests that will fail on targets
that set specific calling conventions.

For example, in Clang :: CodeGen/builtinshufflevector2.c:

Expected IR:

"define void @clang_shufflevector_v_v"

IR generated with a default triple of armv7a_pc_linux:

"define arm_aapcs void @clang_shufflevector_v_v"

The test could be changed to expect "define{{.*}} void

For ARM target with default triple armv7a_pc_linux, around 81 clang
regression tests failed due to the same reason. It includes CodeGen,
CodeGenCXX, CodeGenObjC, CodeGenObjCXX, CodeGenOpenCL, Modules, OpenMP,
PCH, Profile and Sema tests.

Would appreciate advice on whether I should generate a patch for this?

Many thanks,

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