[cfe-dev] RFC - Stop ignoring -fprofile-generate and -fprofile-use

Xinliang David Li davidxl at google.com
Wed Jun 17 15:01:02 PDT 2015

> The path-prefix versions are a bit of an odd fit for the instrprof
> stuff - I'd prefer if they dealt with the path to the file. I can see
> how that might be difficult to do and still be compatible though.
> Maybe we could make the -fprofile-use= version accept a file or
> directory, and if a directory is specified then look for the default?

That sounds reasonable.

> The other thing that would be nice would be if -fprofile-use=path could
> autodetect which kind of profile the path is - that is, It'd be nice to
> accept both instrprof and sample profiles with this option. I'd limit
> this to the path-to-a-file case though, I think it's too magical when
> pointing at a directory.


>>   • I could also add support for -fprofile-dir, but we don't
>>     really use it internally.
> I don't think it's necessary unless someone actually wants to use it.
>> As with -fprofile-instr-generate, LLVM_PROFILE_FILE would override
>> the path prefix and name of the profile file.
>> Does this sound reasonable?
>> Thanks.  Diego.

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