[cfe-dev] Command line compiler options

Edward Diener eldlistmailingz at tropicsoft.com
Tue Jun 16 18:22:17 PDT 2015

On 6/16/2015 1:01 PM, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
> 16.06.2015, 19:55, "Edward Diener" <eldlistmailingz at tropicsoft.com>:
>> For any given version of clang, including the latest, is there any list
>> of command-line compiler options, with their meanings, which clang accepts ?
> clang --help
> clang -cc1 --help
> clang -cc1 -mllvm --help

Here is the explanation from "clang --help" of the -std option:

-std=<value>            Language standard to compile for

Incredible ! I did not realize how much vital information can be packed 
into command-line help until I read the explanation.

I have used clang and it's a great compiler but if you do not want to be 
badgered by continual questions in your mailing list about how clang 
actual works when used by an end-user I would suggest that clang 
actually spend some time telling programmers how to use their product. 
The "Clang Compiler User’s Manual" is not that documentation if a 
programmer must spend hours of his time just to find out what the values 
and their meanings are which the "-std" option takes for any given 
version of clang, including the latest.

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