[cfe-dev] How to run/create tests for a clang-tidy check

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Jun 5 22:39:40 PDT 2015

In article <CAAbBDD9z5hy7MAPuqcmOK1W9LqgY0QA613hqP2xHe2QShLUgXA at mail.gmail.com>,
    Jonathan Coe <jbcoe at me.com> writes:

> Is there documentation on how to run and create tests for clang-tidy
> checks? I've found some .cpp test files and a shell script in the tests
> folder but can't run it in a useful way.

I've been using the existing mechanisms to run FileCheck based tests
for my enhancements to clang-tidy.

The target check-clang-tools will build all the tools and run their
tests; it's what I use in my TDD cycle.

There is also the possibility of running unit tests, but I've focused
more on the end-to-end style tests instead of unit tests.

> I recall seeing a list of clang-tidy checks in development but I can't find
> it any more, does a anyone have a link?

What I've got in development:
- redundant include check
- redundant forward declaration check
- redundant (void) argument list check

What I've contributed and continue to enhance:
- simplify boolean expression
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