[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] Driver::GetProgramPath is unable to find programs with file extension in name

Reid Kleckner rnk at google.com
Thu Jun 4 17:44:12 PDT 2015

Sorry this is ancient, but yeah, this idea makes sense. Feel free to cc me
on a patch for it if you're looking into it.

On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 8:55 AM, Oleg Ranevskyy <llvm.mail.list at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> We are having a problem with linker lookup on Windows.
> When the driver tries to locate a program by its name, e.g. a linker, it
> scans the paths provided by the toolchain using ScanDirForExecutable and
> then, if fails, uses llvm::sys::findProgramByName, which on Windows
> searches the CWD and system path. ScanDirForExecutable disregards file
> extensions, so search in the toolchain-provided dirs on Windows fails.
> llvm::sys::findProgramByName is aware of extensions via the "PATHEXT" env
> variable (it also has ".exe" hardcoded). However, our linker is not in the
> CWD or system path, thus search fails.
> ScanDirForExecutable should respect file extenstions like
> findProgramByName does. One way of doing so is to make the system dependent
> llvm::sys::path::access function aware of extensions similarly to
> findProgramByName. Or the whole ScanDirForExecutable can be made system
> dependent and add an extension on Windows before passing the path to
> llvm::sys::fs::can_execute.
> Does such a patch look reasonable? Any opinions / ideas will be much
> appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Kind regards,
> Oleg
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