[cfe-dev] clang linker error in VS2015

Weber hermie.weber at gmx.de
Thu Jun 4 11:43:07 PDT 2015


I am trying to compile a Shared Object (.so) with Visual Studio 2015 RC 
and clang linker.

I am linking against the Opus Code libs in my stdafx.h

|#pragma  comment(lib,  "..\\..\\opus-1.1-beta\\win32\\VS2010\\Win32\\Debug\\celt.lib")
#pragma  comment(lib,  "..\\..\\opus-1.1-beta\\win32\\VS2010\\Win32\\Debug\\opus.lib")
#pragma  comment(lib,  "..\\..\\opus-1.1-beta\\win32\\VS2010\\Win32\\Debug\\silk_common.lib")
#pragma  comment(lib,  "..\\..\\opus-1.1-beta\\win32\\VS2010\\Win32\\Debug\\silk_fixed.lib")
#pragma  comment(lib,  "..\\..\\opus-1.1-beta\\win32\\VS2010\\Win32\\Debug\\silk_float.lib")|

I am getting the linker error

|linker command failed with exit code1  (use-v to see invocation)    SharedObject1    C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\VisualStudio  2015\Projects\SharedObject1\SharedObject1\clang.exe1|

Can anybody tell me how to investigate what might have gone wrong there? 
Where would I state this "-v" in VS2015?

And is it not ok to use .libs in a cross-platform project?
I was wondering why everybody talks about .a files, .so, but never about 

Thank you!


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