[cfe-dev] Getting diagnostic information from clang

Nate Wilson nwilson20 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 12:25:19 PDT 2015


Is there any way to get information about where a diagnostic came from in
clang, e.g. the source from which the Diagnostic was constructed? For
example, when I try to assign to a member which doesn't exist in my
class/struct, I get:

error: no member named 'foo' in 'Bar'

Is there anyway for clang to tell me where this Diagnostic came from?

Similarly, when the AST is constructed and I'm able to assign a value to
foo, is there anyway for me to get the information about where the lookup
is correctly found (for a data member in particular)?

Or, do would I need to do some libAST tooling, get called back when a match
is found, and debug from there?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you,

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