[cfe-dev] Distinguishing between clang Window versions

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Tue Jul 8 18:24:33 PDT 2014

On 08/07/2014 22:21, Edward Diener wrote:
> On 7/8/2014 1:29 PM, Yaron Keren wrote:
>> You can create two Windows configurations, one for clang.exe and one for
>> clang-cl.exe.
>> These are actually identical but the if I'm not mistaken the driver
>> behaves differently based on the executable name.
>> So you have "clang" and "clang-cl" toolsets.
> That was an early thought but complicates the elegance of having a 
> single Boost Build toolset for clang across Mac, Linux, and Windows.

The ordinary clang driver can do everything clang-cl.exe can do. You 
don't need to use clang-cl.exe at all if you already have a portable 
clang-based build system.

If the standard clang driver is missing something to produce native 
binaries that's what needs to be fixed.


>> Yaron
>> 2014-07-08 18:13 GMT+03:00 Nico Weber <thakis at chromium.org
>> <mailto:thakis at chromium.org>>:
>>     On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:54 AM, Edward Diener
>>     <eldlistmailingz at tropicsoft.com
>>     <mailto:eldlistmailingz at tropicsoft.com>> wrote:
>>         Since the two versions for clang on Windows, one using VC++ RTL
>>         and emulating VC++ to some small extent and the other using
>>         mingw rtl, are radically different, is there any easy way to
>>         distinguish between them at pre-execution time.
>>         In Boost Build we currently have a single toolset named 'clang'
>>         for the clang compiler. On Linux it uses a clang-linux.jam file,
>>         on the Mac it uses a clang-darwin.jam file, and I am trying to
>>         establish .jam files for using clang on Windows. Essentially I
>>         can use the clang-linux.jam file with a slight modification if
>>         the clang version uses mingw, but I need to use a clang-win.jam
>>         file if the clang version uses VC++. So somewhere early in the
>>         Boost Build processing I have to determine which 'clang.exe' is
>>         being used on Windows in order to invoke the proper Boost Build
>>         jam file for it.
>>     It's not really to different clang binaries as far as I know, just
>>     the same binary with a different default triple. So you could pass
>>     an explicit -target parameter to force one compiler behavior over
>>     the other too. (-target i386-pc-win32 for VC mode,
>>     -target i386-pc-mingw32 for gcc mode)
>>         Ideas ? Suggestions ?
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