[cfe-dev] Return Type Location

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Tue Jul 1 19:00:27 PDT 2014

Hi Daniel,

That's a good feature request. The facility was previously tucked away 
deep in Sema but we usually make an effort to expose the most useful 
source ranges in the primary interface.

So I've introduced FunctionDecl::getReturnTypeSourceRange() in r212154 
and used it to enhance various diagnostics. Hope it helps with your use 
case too.


On 01/07/2014 23:11, Daniel Dilts wrote:
> How do I get a SourceLocation for a FunctionDecl return type?  
> FunctionDecl::getReturnType() returns QualType, and I don't think that 
> I can get source locations from there.
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