[cfe-dev] [clang-tools-extra] A Clang extra tool to find missing includes

Vassil Vassilev vvasilev at cern.ch
Tue Oct 15 06:31:57 PDT 2013

Hi Luke,
   That sounds like a very interesting tool to me. Especially for more 
interactive use cases like ours.
   In cling we would like on a missing/incomplete name to #include the 
header file (if exists) that provides the definition.

   If you are interested in such use cases I will be happy to discuss, 
adapt and use your tool within cling's context.
On 9/10/13 8:49 PM, Luke Zarko wrote:
> Crossposting from cfe-commits, as suggested.
> The code is up at http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D1538 .
> This is a tool that uses an external database, like a ctags file, to 
> suggest missing includes to fix a broken translation unit. It can 
> produce diagnostics like:
>   TESTFILE:6:9: note: Inferring that M names a namespace.
>   using ::M::X;
>         ^
>   TESTFILE:6:12: note: For M::X, include m_x_empty_class.h.
>   using ::M::X;
>              ^
> or:
>   TESTFILE:6:1: note: For M::Q::Y, include m_q_y_empty_class.h.
>   Y a;
>   ^
>   TESTFILE:6:1: note: Alternately, for N::Q::Y, include 
> n_q_y_empty_class.h.
> It works by looping for a bounded number of times. On each iteration, 
> the broken TU is parsed and passed through semantic analysis. When 
> typos are encountered or when an incomplete type is detected where a 
> complete type is required, the database is consulted to try and find a 
> header with an appropriate declaration or definition. The header is 
> inserted into the TU (currently using a fixed formatting rule).
> The primary components of the tool and their roles are:
> SemaSearchPlugin: An interface to a semantic database providing 
> name-to-definition-file queries and limited name-to-kind (here, 
> namespace) queries. It's useful to know if some fully-qualified name 
> points to a namespace because it allows the tool to 'fake out' missing 
> namespace declarations without confusing them with static members 
> (Foo::Bar vs ClassFoo::InnerClass::Bar). The tool does this when a 
> typo correction hook isn't able to find a name during the 
> Sema::LookupNestedNameSpecifierName LookupKind.
> CtagsSemaSearchPlugin: A specialization for SemaSearchPlugin that 
> works over Exuberant Ctags files. (Parsing these files is handled by 
> the readtags library.)
> FileTracker: Keeps track of data associated with a particular TU being 
> fixed across tool iterations. Holds a MemoryBuffer that contains the 
> most recent version of the file that was rewritten (if rewriting 
> occurred).
> FyiAction: Hooks MaybeDiagnoseMissingCompleteType and CorrectTypo 
> calls from Sema.
> In the former case, since a complete type has a fully qualified name, 
> a simple query can be made on the SemaSearchPlugin (eg, if we see that 
> Foo::Bar is incomplete in a context where a complete type is 
> necessary, we can query for that fully-qualified name). The database 
> may contain multiple entries for a definition site; ranking these is 
> the plugin's duty. The highest-ranked suggestion is used to add an 
> include, while other suggestions may be displayed as diagnostic notes. 
> (The ctags plugin simply returns an unordered vector.)
> In the latter case, the mapping between (un)qualified name and 
> fully-qualified name is ambiguous. The tool searches DeclContexts from 
> innermost to outermost, appending the typo's NestedNameSpecifier as 
> appropriate (and taking care to first expand namespace aliases). If it 
> fails a lookup in the database, it will then (as a heuristic) look in 
> the namespaces of available 'using' declarations. Finally, it will try 
> simple unqualified lookup.
> FyiDiagnosticHooks: Registers custom diagnostics, acts as a diagnostic 
> sink to collect diagnostics (so that intermediate steps in the outer 
> tool loop don't litter the terminal), and flags some warnings and 
> notes as errors to force the tool to spin around again--for example, 
> if the compiler generates a diag::warn_delete_incomplete, the tool 
> should treat this as seriously as any other incomplete-type error.
> FyiPreprocessorHooks: Listens for file-entered and file-left events, 
> watches for inclusion directives, and keeps track of insertion 
> positions in target TUs. The rewrite and header-equality mechanisms 
> currently assume a particular programming style (system first, then 
> qualified-from-project-root) and that the missing headers will be quoted.
> FyiActionFactory: Manages the map from filenames to FileTrackers and 
> the global iteration count. FyiActionFactory can save out changes to 
> files (optionally with new suffixes or after moving the old file to a 
> backup).
> FindYourIncludes: Contains the tool's entry point.
> More information on the various components is available in Doxygen 
> comments throughout the source code.
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