[cfe-dev] Clang for ARM

Anton Smirnov dev at antonsmirnov.name
Thu Oct 3 06:40:28 PDT 2013

Hello, I've almost compiled Clang for ARM, but i've an error
in the end:

[ 84%] Built target clangRewriteFrontend
[ 86%] Built target clangARCMigrate
[ 86%] Built target ClangSACheckers
[ 89%] Built target clangStaticAnalyzerCore
[ 94%] Built target clangStaticAnalyzerCheckers
[ 95%] Built target clangStaticAnalyzerFrontend
[ 95%] Built target clangFrontendTool
[ 95%] Built target clangTooling
[ 95%] Built target clangFormat
[ 97%] Built target libclang
[ 98%] Built target libclang_static
Linking CXX executable ../../../../bin/c-index-test
../../../../lib/libclang.so.3.3: error: undefined reference to 'dladdr'
clang33: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see

I've found similar question with solution:

So i wonder what should i do and is it bug or my dev env issue?

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