[cfe-dev] Cilk Plus extensions in LLVM/Clang

Langmuir, Ben ben.langmuir at intel.com
Wed Feb 27 09:06:35 PST 2013

Hi all,

The Cilk Plus developers at Intel are pleased to announce that our in-progress implementation of the Cilk Plus C/C++ language extensions in Clang/LLVM is now available on Github:


You may recall that Cilk Plus in Clang was previously discussed here: http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-dev/2012-November/thread.html#25495, including the reasons for hosting it out of tree.  We are committed to continuing development in the open, and we would appreciate any feedback from the community on the design or implementation!

Repository Info

The code is available in the "cilkplus" branch of each of the following git repositories:

http://github.com/cilkplus/clang - This repo contains the C/C++ core language extensions (i.e. the tasking keywords).
http://github.com/cilkplus/compiler-rt - This repo contains a copy of the Cilk Plus runtime library distributed under a BSD 3-clause license.
http://github.com/cilkplus/llvm - Mostly used to keep our Clang branch synced to a reasonable LLVM revision; it also contains a small Cilk-specific optimization pass.

Our changes are kept in sync with llvm.org's master branch, and are typically within two weeks of trunk.


This code currently supports the _Cilk_spawn and _Cilk_sync tasking keywords, as well as hyperobjects and the runtime library.  The status is summarized at http://cilkplus.github.com/#status.

The implementation of _Cilk_spawn uses our original implementation of captured statements.  We recently proposed this feature to cfe-dev for inclusion in trunk, and an improved version of captured statements is currently in review.  We hope to continue upstreaming improvements that are valuable to the broader Clang community into trunk as they come up.


Ben Langmuir

Software Developer

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