[cfe-dev] Library search paths on biarch systems

Jonathan Roelofs jonathan at codesourcery.com
Thu Dec 26 18:04:44 PST 2013


I noticed that the Linux toolchain also adds the default multilib to the 
search path when targeting the "other" multilib that the biarch gcc 
installation supports.  For example, in a gcc installation providing two 
multilibs: '.;@m32' and '64;@m64', when -m64 is specified on the clang 
command line, both <gcc>/<triple>/<ver>/64/ and <gcc>/<triple>/<ver>/ 
are added to the search paths (There's a couple of tests for this 
specific case in clang/test/Driver/linux-ld.c:109 and 

Is this correct for the opposite case (i.e. gcc providing '.;@m64' and 
'32;@m32' with -m32 on the command line) for which there don't seem to 
be any tests for or against it? How about on PPC64?


Jon Roelofs
jonathan at codesourcery.com
CodeSourcery / Mentor Embedded

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