[cfe-dev] [Clang Static Analyzer]: How to get name of Macro in Static Analyzer.

Prashant Purohit Prashant.Purohit at kpit.com
Tue Dec 24 01:55:27 PST 2013

Hi all,

I am trying to write a check where I need name of the macro used in the source code.

E:g - (Sample source code)
#define SLEEP 20
#define WAKE 10

int g_var = 10;

U1 U1_Function()
  If(g_var == 20) {
          return (SLEEP); // I need to get the macro name in string format as 'SLEEP'

return WAKE; // I need to get the macro name in string format as 'WAKE'.

I am able to check if particular statement contains macro or not using 'containsMacro' function.
But I am not getting the actual macro name, though I tried using 'getMacroNameOrSpelling'.
When I used 'getMacroNameOrSpelling', I either get 'return' or '(' in the string but not the actual macro name.

Kindly suggest me a way to get macro name in a Stmt.
Thanks in advance.

Prashant S. Purohit
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