[cfe-dev] LLVM 3.4 Branch Freeze

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Thu Dec 12 21:24:00 PST 2013

Bill, et al.,

There are still a number of open bug reports demonstrating miscompiles on x86 with small/reduced test cases. I propose that we either delay this release until these have been fixed, or plan on a point release in the near future. I recommend that we put out another two release candidates, one at the end of this week, and one after another two weeks or so, to allow for these outstanding issues to be resolved.

Specifically, I think that these issues should be resolved prior to the release of 3.4:

 PR18068 [BasicAA]
 PR18067 [GVN]
 PR16431 (multiple; I suspect covered by the previous two)
 PR17638 [IndVarSimplify]
 PR18223 [IndVarSimplify]
 PR17473 [LSR]
 PR18165 [LSR]
 PR16729 [Loop Vectorizer]
 PR17288 [Loop Vectorizer]
 PR18102 [x86 backend or CodeGen]
 PR18000 [x86 backend or CodeGen]
 PR17504 [x86 backend or CodeGen]

 PR18042 [LCSSA] (This hits an assert, but may miscompile with NDEBUG) 

Of course, the same underlying bug may be causing more than one of these, and at least some of these are already being worked on. Thoughts?

Thanks again,

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> The LLVM 3.4 branches are now frozen. We’re only accepting major,
> super horrible bug fixes from now on. The testers are going to do a
> third phase of testing, but it’s mostly to verify that we don’t have
> any major problems left.
> Share and enjoy!
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