[cfe-dev] ARM EABI and modulo

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 23:56:26 PST 2013

Hi Joerg,

> At the moment, this will call __modsi3 and __umodsi3, even though those
> functions are not part of AAPCS. Should this be considered a lowering
> bug in the ARM target?

LLVM actually supports both variants, depending on the target. The
__aeabi_* functions are part of the ARM "runtime ABI" and largely
independent of AAPCS. For whatever reason, Linux (& Darwin) ended up
not adopting it and using those GNU functions instead.

If NetBSD uses the aeabi ones instead, it probably needs some extra
checks added to the code. I believe ELF targets currently decide based
on whether the final part of the triple is "-eabi" or not (as opposed
to "-gnueabi", ...), though I haven't looked at the code recently.



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