[cfe-dev] [Static Analyzer] Performing analysis on the specified functions

Gabor Kozar kozargabor at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 08:31:12 PST 2013

We have a Clang Static Analyzer plugin that exposes several custom
checkers. Currently I'm working on a checker that aims to enforce the
practice that it is the responsibility of the class ctors to initialize
all member variables.

Unfortunately, this requires the Static Analyzer to analyze the
constructor, which does not happen without having the ctor called from
a global function, which the SA treats as entry points.

This, however, leads to a problem: in production code, the definition
of the class members and the user of the class are usually in different
TUs, i.e. the SA won't be able to analyze the ctor call.

Therefore, I'd like to make the SA treat constructors as entry points.
More generally, how can I control which functions are analyzed (i.e.
treated as entry points)? If this is not really something that can be
done externally (i.e. outside Clang itself), where should I look inside
the Clang source for this logic? (We can then create a patch, and ship
a custom-patched version of Clang alongside with our checker library.)


Gábor 'ShdNx' Kozár
kozargabor at gmail.com
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