[cfe-dev] -fcatch-undefined-behavior false positive with readdir()?

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Wed Sep 26 13:44:43 PDT 2012

On Wed, 26 Sep 2012 12:59:23 -0700, Richard Smith said:

>> It prints 8, for every iteration of the loop.  I guess that's correct
>> since the first field of the struct is a uint64_t.
>What pointer values does it print? Are they 8 byte aligned?

Aha!  So I changed your printf() to:

	printf ("%p %zd r=%lu\n", d, _Alignof(*d), (uintptr_t)d % 8);

and now:

0x7fb758800000 8 r=0
0x7fb758800018 8 r=0
0x7fb758800030 8 r=0
0x7fb75880004c 8 r=4
0x7fb758800070 8 r=0
0x7fb758800094 8 r=4

Indeed the first non-aligned one crashes.  If I add an 'if' and skip all the non 8 byte aligned ones, -fcatch-undefined-behavior no longer complains.

So this is an OS X bug then?  (I'm pretty sure my code snippet itself is correct.)


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