[cfe-dev] DIRS missing scan-build in build/tools/clang/tools/Makefile?

Peeter Joot peeter.joot at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 16:14:15 PST 2012

>  In particular, it doesn't add: --analyze.  Do I need to both add that to
> my compilation options and also call scan-build?
> You can look at the Analyze() routine in ccc-analyzer. It does not call
> "clang --analyze" directly, but calls a lower level "clang -cc1 -analyze
> -analyzer-checker=.." the command built by scan-build. Unless you specify
> extra options to scan-build they will be equivalent (scan-build calls clang
> --analyzer -### to get the equivalent cc1 command).

Thanks, the issue was that %LangMap was missing C (capital C), which is the
suffix used by most C++ code in our product, and then skipped my source
file silently.  I've added:

  'C'   => 'c++',

to my version of this script.

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