[cfe-dev] Clang now included in Android NDK r8c

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Wed Nov 14 07:19:01 PST 2012

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On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 11:21 PM, Joe Abbey <jabbey at arxan.com> wrote:

> Hats off to the Android NDK team!
Thanks for including me here, but I'd like to clarify that this is all from
the really hard work of Andrew Hsieh and Logan Chien, and a few other
Android engineers.

(I'm actually not working on Android anymore, Andrew and Logan have taken
over the NDK a year ago, and as you can see, they've been *very* productive

Congrats to them then !

- David

> Important changes:
>    - Added the Clang 3.1 compiler to the NDK. The GNU Compiler Collection
>    (GCC) 4.6 is still the default, so you must explicitly enable the Clang
>    compiler option as follows:
>       - For ndk-build, export NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION=clang3.1 *or* add
>       this environment variable setting toApplication.mk.
>       - For standalone builds, add --llvm-version=3.1 to
>       make-standalone-toolchain.sh and replace CC andCXX in your makefile
>       with <tool-path>/bin/clang and <tool-path>/bin/clang++. See
>       STANDALONE-TOOLCHAIN.html for details.*
>       Note:* This feature is experimental. Please try it and report any
>       issues <http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/list>.
> Joe
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