[cfe-dev] Returning original parsing state after parsing arbitrary tokens

Vassil Vassilev vvasilev at cern.ch
Mon Nov 12 06:14:40 PST 2012

On 10/31/12 4:58 AM, ja_comp wrote:
> Vassil Vassilev wrote
>> On 10/30/2012 09:35 AM, ja_comp wrote:
>>> a) Could the StmtResult be "deep copied" to the parent process somehow?
>>> (I'm not even sure what would be involved in creating a "inter-process
>>> compatible" StmtResult.)
>> You might want to have a look at ASTImporter and how LLDB use it.
>> Vassil
> Because I would be copying from one process to another, I think I would have
> to rewrite ASTImporter to use something similar to a pipe mechanism that
> doesn't have any pointers or references to process memory. I'm not sure that
> I am capable of that.
Arh.. I see. Yes it would be difficult to implement copying nodes from 
another process (if possible at all).

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