[cfe-dev] Premature macro expansion in preprocessor?

Andy Gibbs andyg1001 at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 14:37:22 PST 2012


In going through the preprocessor code in clang, I have noted a tendancy 
towards using Lex(Tok) over LexUnexpandedToken(Tok), for example in the 
built-in macro implementations.

This means, the following "works":

#define HB __has_builtin
#define LP (
#define BT __builtin_trap
#define RP )

HB LP BT RP   // expands to 1

My question is, is this intentional, or an oversight?  Is it worth my while 
going through and changing Lex(...) to LexUnexpandedToken(...) in these 
cases?  Normally, preprocessor rules require an extra level of expansion, as 

#define EXPAND(...) __VA_ARGS__
#define MACRO(A) String: #A

#define M MACRO
#define S test

M LP S RP    // expands to MACRO ( test )
EXPAND(M LP S RP)  // expands to String: "test"




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