[cfe-dev] OpenMP support in CLANG: A proposal

Olaf Krzikalla Olaf.Krzikalla at tu-dresden.de
Wed Nov 7 06:28:07 PST 2012


a general note at first: I noticed the line

PP.EnterTokenStream(Toks, 1, /*DisableMacroExpansion=*/true,

in your code. IMHO DisableMacroExpansion should be false, since all text 
after a #pragma omp is subject to macro expansion (OpenMP 3.1, sec.2.1).
Also I dont understand what you mean with scope in the case of "if" clauses.

I see, what you want to accomplish by integrating OpenMP directly in the 
parser. If you encounter a omp parallel directive you instruct the 
parser to parse a structured block. And if that fails it is an error.

I would go another route. I would stll see OpenMP directives as 
attributes to statements. And by the moment these attributes are 
attached to a statement the appropriate checks can be made.
Try to attach an "omp parallel" directive to a class declaration -> error
Try to attach an "omp parallel for" directive to a non-conforming 
for-Statement -> error.

You see by the second example, that with this approach you aren't longer 
limited by the means of the parser.

Of course you are right by writing:
 > So, we have to piggy back Global parser
 > to handle scopes, parse expressions and compound statement (structured
 > block).
Thats what I meant in point 4 of my previous writing. We have to shout 
it out as often as possible to the right people (I don't belong to them) 
that the Parser needs a serious refactoring in order to support 
expressions inside pragmas and (later) C++0x-attributes.
To say it with Douglas Gregors words from a another posting: while 
OpenMP is just a standard, using it is an industry trend. (actually I 
have wondered that the clang people could ignore it successfully for 
such a long time).

So my suggestion remains: try to handle OpenMP directives as attributes. 
Extend the attribute framework in a way, that made it possible to 
user-check attributes at the time they are attached to the appropriate 
AST entity. And refactor the parser framework so that it is possible to 
parse code snippets.

Best Olaf

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