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> Subject: [cfe-commits] Cilk Plus Extension for Clang
> Hello All,
> Our team would like to add the Cilk Plus extension to Clang for C/C++
> (http://software.intel.com/file/40297). To meet the requirements
> that Clang sets, we would like to keep our patches small and
> upstream our patches as early as possible. We would appreciate any
> guidance that the community could provide during the course of the
> implementation. Attached is our first patch that enables the Cilk
> Plus extension option. Looking forward to your review and comments!


I'd like to voice my support for this; I think that having Cilk Plus support in Clang will be very useful. I look forward to seeing the interesting patches ;)

Can you comment on what, if any, optimizations will be important for supporting Cilk Plus; either in the frontend or in the backend (or both).


> Thanks!
> Wei Pan
> Software Engineer
> Dynamic Mobility and Parallelism
> Intel
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