[cfe-dev] License of LLVM Tutorial

Journeyer J. Joh oosaprogrammer at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 06:14:55 PST 2012

Hello List,

I am studying LLVM/clang recently.
One of the method of my learning is making a LLVM project based on
LLVM tutorial.


I divided toy.cpp into several .cpp and .h files in several directories.
The purpose of this work is making it structured similar to clang.
And I put it up to github.


Now I wonder what license should this work follow or if it is rather
prohibited for others to distribute toy.cpp in different form like

I think this code can be put into llvm/project as another example of
LLVM project.
If someone want I want to contribute.

Best regards
Journeyer J. Joh
o o s a p r o g r a m m e r
a t
g m a i l  d o t  c o m

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