[cfe-dev] overriding visitor methods from class RecursiveASTVisitor for clang front end

Rajendra rks at cse.iitb.ac.in
Fri Nov 2 03:32:07 PDT 2012

Is there any concept of level or hierarchy of classes that are 
inherited separately from RecursiveASTVisitor? because statements in 
CFGElement have hierarchy.

Say, we inherit class A and class B from RecursiveASTVisitor

class RecursiveASTVisitor has visitor functions VisitSa1Stmt(), 
VisitSa2Stmt() and VisitSb1Stmt(), VisitSb2Stmt().

class A has overridden VisitSa1Stmt(), VisitSa2Stmt() and it is 
creating CFG, calling TraverseStmt() method on instance of class B

class B has overridden VisitSb1Stmt(), VisitSb1Stmt()

Sa*Stmt may contain Sb*Stmt, e.g. then clause of IfStmt can contain 
assignment statements that has another binary operation in rhs 

then how will overridden methods be invoked?


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