[cfe-dev] Adding new language keywords

Jeff Heckey jheckey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 11:38:48 PDT 2012

I've been trying to add new keywords (e.g., module) to Clang for a project,
but I want to only add the support for my language extensions (because I
want to keep the merges to a minimum and modify as few things as possible).
I did this by adding an enum type to the IndentifierTable.cpp namespace:

namespace {
  enum {
    KEYC99 = 0x1,
    KEYCXX = 0x2,
    KEYCXX0X = 0x4,
    KEYGNU = 0x8,
    KEYMS = 0x10,
    BOOLSUPPORT = 0x20,
    KEYALTIVEC = 0x40,
    KEYNOCXX = 0x80,
    KEYBORLAND = 0x100,
    KEYOPENCL = 0x200,
    KEYC11 = 0x400,
    KEYARC = 0x800,
    KEYSCAF = 0x1000, // Scaffold enum
    KEYALL = 0x1fff

And adding the type to the check in AddKeyword().

I then added the desired keywords to the TokenFeatures:

//Scaffold added keywords
KEYWORD(qreg                        , KEYSCAF)
KEYWORD(qint                        , KEYSCAF)
KEYWORD(module                      , KEYSCAF)
KEYWORD(c2qg                        , KEYSCAF)

However, once compiled, the keywords are still treated as identifiers, not
types or keywords.

What am I missing?

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