[cfe-dev] Proposal for a code gen plugin interface

florian.merz at kit.edu florian.merz at kit.edu
Tue May 29 08:48:27 PDT 2012

Hi list,

we want to propose adding a plugin interface to clang's CodeGen library.

This interface would allow, e.g., adding custom metadata from clang to the 
generated LLVM-IR as well as limited modifications of the generated bitcode.

We have already implemented the interface described in the following link and 
we are successfully using it in our own project (http://llbmc.org).


We expect that other projects might also profit from this interface and thus 
suggest to include it into clang. If there is interest from you we'll prepare 
a clean patch (currently we have a patch for 3.0) and send it to the list for 


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