[cfe-dev] Getting involved with Clang refactoring

John Wiegley jwiegley at gmail.com
Thu May 24 18:33:11 PDT 2012

>>>>> Bill White <bill.white at griggsinst.com> writes:

> I'm interested in clang_complete and some form of clang indexing, but for
> emacs, not for vim.  I'm thinking that the indexing tool should be something
> like ctags or gid, but smarter.


This is exactly the tool I'm working on right now, using Clang's ASTVisitor.
I started the project a few days ago, born from a need for a better tagging
system usable from Emacs (GNU global is my 2nd best so far, but it just isn't
good enough):


README soon to come.

John Wiegley
BoostPro Computing

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