[cfe-dev] memcpy behaviour when destination unknown

rajesh viswabramana viswabramana.rajesh at gmail.com
Mon May 21 23:28:02 PDT 2012

Hi *,

General behaviour is __builtin_memcpy_chk function should be called for all
memcpy calls, to check object size(destination).

I have noticed in clang for memcpy function when destination buffer *unknown
* than, memcpy calls optimized to memcpy.
Where as if destination has *known* pointer at compilation time than it
will call builtin_memcpy_chk which in turn calls memcpy.

extern int l1;

test_func ()
    char buf1[10], buf2[10];
    memcpy(buf1, s3, l1); // Destination is known(buf1), length is not
known calls memcpy_chk

    r = l1 == 1 ? buf1 : buf2;
    memcpy(r, s3, l1 + 1); // Destination is not known(might be buf1 or
buf2), so optimizing call to memcpy

To compare the behaviour with gcc, for all above memcpy calls memcpy_chk
function called.

I have attached codes of sample program (test program, as well library call

When sample code run on CLANG, Its abort. where as in GCC it run

*Any info why the optimization behaviour in clang is differ from gcc.*


*further info about object size checking in gcc.*
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