[cfe-dev] operator delete[] does not call derived class destructor

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Mon May 21 10:47:06 PDT 2012

* M. E. O'Neill:

> In fact (as I understand it), early in the design of C++, new didn't
> stash the array size and you had remember it yourself and then pass
> it into delete (inside the square brackets).  Although Stroustrup
> changed it pretty quickly to the design we know today because people
> hated that hassle, I think the original design would have been more
> true to the C++ philosophy.

Interesting.  For current C++, I would agree.  But in the pre-template
age without std::vector, that would have been a bit harsh.

> Myself, I'd love it it C++ had better run-time metadata about types,
> even if it were only optional and only enabled with
> -fmore-rtti-please.

Or they could be emitted as soon as you instantiate std::type_info<T>
for some type T.

>  As things stand right now, the only way to introspect in a
>  meaningful way is to either (a) use facilities intended for the
>  debugger, or (b) adopt a coding convention that hand-supplies the
>  necessary metadata, duplicating information clang already knows.  I
>  don't like (b) on principle.

There's also (c), use a code generator (possibly as a compiler

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