[cfe-dev] [3.1 Release] Release Notes and External Projects

Benjamin Kramer benny.kra at googlemail.com
Sun May 13 07:01:04 PDT 2012

On 11.05.2012, at 22:55, Bill Wendling wrote:

> Hi all!
> Please remember to update the release notes! We're getting close to the release date, and we need the notes to be up-to-date.

I added some bigger picture notes to http://llvm.org/docs/ReleaseNotes.html this morning, but we're still missing a lot of text, specifically:

- clang:
clang has it's own release notes residing at http://clang.llvm.org/docs/ReleaseNotes.html As you can see there isn't much stuff there at the moment. If you know about any major feature or want to extend the existing keywords please add it and commit to docs/ReleaseNotes.html in trunk asap.

- Backend developers:
What's new and hot in ARM and MIPS land? What's so cool about the hexagon DSP that we have an entire new backend for it? Please extend the stubs in the LLVM release notes.

- compiler_rt, libc++, LLDB:
What happened in your project over the last 6 months? We need at least a few bullet points! I'd also like some blurb about the AddressSanitizer project, it's a major new feature and we only have a link to the documentation.

Have a currently unaccounted breaking API change in LLVM in mind? An awesome major change that we forgot? Put it in the release notes! Our projected release date is May 14th aka TOMORROW and we need to have the relnotes finished by then.

The process is easy, just commit to docs/ReleaseNotes.html in trunk and it will get pulled into the final tarballs.

Don't panic
- Ben

> Also, if you have a project which uses LLVM, please send me a blurb about it and I can add it to our "external projects" list (or, if you have commit access, you can add it).
> Thanks!
> -bw
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