[cfe-dev] Linking against Clang 3.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 issue

Krunal Rao krunal.rao78 at gmail.com
Wed May 9 21:29:38 PDT 2012

Thank you all for the prompt replies!

I am following these steps and it's working, but I have two questions:

- The code listed below builds the Release version (the LLVM getting
started documentation suggested it would build the Debug one). How can
I obtain the Debug version instead?

- What options should I pass to configure (or make) to install LLVM
and Clang into an arbitrary "root" directory? (for "root" I mean the
dir that will contain /bin /lib ecc ecc).

Thanks again.

On 9 May 2012 23:34, 陳韋任 <chenwj at iis.sinica.edu.tw> wrote:
>  It's not hard. Just do the following,
> ---
> $ wget http://llvm.org/releases/3.0/llvm-3.0.tar.gz; tar xvf llvm-3.0.tar.gz
> $ cd llvm-3.0.src/tools/
> $ wget http://llvm.org/releases/3.0/clang-3.0.tar.gz; tar xvf clang-3.0.tar.gz
> $ mv clang-3.0.src/ clang/ ; cd ../..; mkdir build; cd build
> $ ../llvm-3.0.src/configure ; make install
> ---
>  The only thing you have to take care is http://llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html#requirements
> , but I think it's shouldn't be a problem right now.

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