[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] is configure+make dead yet?

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Thu Jun 28 05:31:48 PDT 2012

Le 28 juin 2012 à 10:45, David Röthlisberger a écrit :

> On 28 Jun 2012, at 08:58, Jean-Daniel Dupas wrote: 
>> It's a chicken and egg problems. Xcode users don't use cmake because it
>> generates poor Xcode projects.
> So what *do* XCode users do (to build llvm/clang)? Do they somehow set
> up XCode to build using the autoconf build system? Do they build
> llvm/clang outside of XCode?
> If the answer to either of the last two questions is "yes", then what is
> stopping XCode users from using the CMake build system with the normal
> makefile generator, instead of the XCode generator?
> (I'm asking in the context of "what is preventing LLVM's CMake build
> system from replacing the autoconf build system?")

My answer was about "CMake developers are aware of the inferior quality of the Xcode generator, but they say that there is little interest from the Xcode users."

In the context of LLVM, I don't know if Xcode user uses cmake or autoconf. Personally I'm using autoconf because actually cmake build fails when trying to build llvm/clang/libc++, and that's what I need to 
I know Chandler is working on libc++/compiler_rt integration in cmake, so I will try again once he is done.

-- Jean-Daniel

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