[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] is configure+make dead yet?

Mason Wheeler masonwheeler at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 06:20:52 PDT 2012

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>From: Óscar Fuentes <ofv at wanadoo.es>
>You are misinformed. The LLVM CMake scripts can build LLVM/Clang as
>shared libraries since almost day one.
>If you are thinking of Windows, well, there is a fundamental limitation
>there, not an issue with CMake. Autoconf has a hack for building LLVM as
>a single, monolithic dll while using MinGW. That hack can be easily
>replicated on CMake. As for Visual Studio, autoconf is pretty useless,
>so no dll's there in any case until someone sprinkles the LLVM C++
>sources with the necessary declarations.

So the problem's not with the build system, it's that the source code itself
is just not written right and it only builds under other systems by exploiting
some weird hack?

Thanks, that's good to know.  C/C++ really isn't my area of expertise.  So
are there any plans to fix the sources?

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