[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] is configure+make dead yet?

David Röthlisberger david at rothlis.net
Wed Jun 27 05:43:08 PDT 2012

On 27 Jun 2012, at 13:29, Mason Wheeler wrote:
>> From: David Röthlisberger <david at rothlis.net>
>> Subject: Re: [LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] is configure+make dead yet?
>> If the following statement is true, then which build system to choose
>> is a no-brainer:
>>> cmake, while ugly, can be made to support all of our use cases. There
>>> are some use cases that autoconf+make can't support
>> -- Chandler Carruth, On 21 Jun 2012, at 01:19
> Unfortunately,
> when CMake is not even capable of one of the most fundamental tasks 
> that anyone would care to use LLVM for, namely setting up project files 
> to build LLVM as a DLL so they can build a compiler atop it, it can 
> hardly be said to support all use cases!

When you say "CMake" do you mean that *LLVM's CMake-based build system*
cannot build LLVM as a DLL, or that *CMake the tool* has inherent
limitations that prevent us from adding that functionality to the build

If you mean the former, then let's add this to the list.

Whichever you meant, thank you for the feedback. This is exactly the
kind of thing we need to know.


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