[cfe-dev] Patch for review: enhancement to __builtin_strlen

Andy Gibbs andyg1001 at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 09:58:40 PDT 2012


I would like to offer a patch for review that extends the use of the 
compile-time evaluation of __builtin_strlen to include immutable 
null-terminated const char arrays, i.e. beyond just standard string 
literals.  (It will still fall back to runtime use of library strlen, if 
compile-time evaluation is not possible/required -- this side of the 
functionality is not changed).

This is not a bug fix but a feature enhancement, which I believe may have 
broader appeal to those developing with C++11 and, in particular, with 
user-defined literals.

The target use for this would be in generating transparent wrapper classes 
for user-defined literals, so that these may be used in situations wherever 
normal strings may be used.

Let's say we have the following simplified setup:

template <char... String>
struct Literal {
  typedef const char type[sizeof...(String)+1];
  static constexpr type string = { String..., 0 };

  constexpr operator const type&() const { return string; }

  // room for more implementation, such as operator[] and
  // also string manipulation, such as operator+, and so on.

template <char... String> constexpr char Literal<String...>::string[];

template <char... String>
constexpr Literal<String...> operator"" _str() {
  return Literal<String...>();

With the attached patch, __builtin_strlen(12345_str) will now return 5, 
rather than throw a compiler error, and so opens up the use of such a 
wrapper class to macros which make use of __builtin_strlen.

The patch is intended to be very conservative in terms of what it will 
accept, and so the extension only allows constant sized arrays of const char 
(__builtin_strlen limits this to char, although wchar_t, etc. would work 
otherwise) and where the compiler can evaluate the expression as a constant 
array (i.e. not a pointer or an lvalue of an array that can be modified at 
runtime, for example).  I believe there are adequate checks to stop 
incorrect compilation, for example, incorrectly doing a compile-time 
evaluation of __builtin_strlen on a variable which is not immutable, but 
please can this be particularly verified by someone.

I have included a test-case in the patch.

Please let me know if this interests anyone.


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