[cfe-dev] Typedef templates

Lin, Alexander S. (JSC-ER711) alexander.s.lin at nasa.gov
Thu Jun 21 08:23:50 PDT 2012

Hello everyone,

I’m new to clang and this is my first post, so please forgive me for what may be a basic question.

I have a template like this:

template <class T, class U, class V>
class MyTemplate {
    T var1 ;
    U var2 ;
    V var3 ;
} ;

And I have a typedef like this:

typedef MyTemplate< double , int , short > MyTemplateTypedef ;

What I’m trying to find is somewhere that stores the template with the arguments substituted in.  I have seen some of the template instantiating routines in Sema, but cannot figure out how to use them.  Am I on the right track here?

Thanks in advance,


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