[cfe-dev] Fix for preprocessor CommentHandler bug

Andy Gibbs andyg1001 at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 02:59:45 PDT 2012

On Thursday, June 21, 2012 2:37 AM, Richard Smith wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Andy Gibbs wrote:
>> On Monday, June 18, 2012 8:49 PM, Richard Smith wrote:
>>> This is a bugfix, not a regression -- the new behavior is the one
>>> mandated by all relevant standards [snip]
>> Sorry, I misunderstood what you had said: I had thought you meant that 
>> the
>> change was a bug needing fixing, not the bugfix!
>> Anyway, attached is a patch and test-case for this bugfix. I'll re-post 
>> the
>> initial patch with test-case in a few minutes.
> Thanks for splitting this out, I've checked it in as r158883.

Thanks, any chance of also committing:


which is the other part.

I can then post a split-up version of my -verify patch and then once we've 
got through that, I can post my patch for bug 12850, although that is also 
waiting on a fix to 12896 for the full test-case to work.


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