[cfe-dev] Fwd: [LLVMdev] Cambridge LLVM Social

Renato Golin rengolin at systemcall.org
Thu Jun 21 00:53:32 PDT 2012

I forgot the Clang folks, sorry. Please, cc both if you reply to this.


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From: Renato Golin <rengolin at systemcall.org>
Date: 21 June 2012 08:52
Subject: Re: [LLVMdev] Cambridge LLVM Social
To: LLVM Developers Mailing List <llvmdev at cs.uiuc.edu>

Hey guys,

That was a good afternoon, great company, lots of beer choices and the
food looked good.

We're planning the next one in a lunar cycle from now, around 18th
July on the same bat-place, same bat-hour.

I've created a public calendar "Cambridge LLVM Social", where the next
event is already scheduled:


See you there!


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