[cfe-dev] RFC: "Building with MinGW on Windows" (DOC, 2ND TRY)

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at lyngvig.org
Tue Jun 19 05:49:30 PDT 2012

Hi Nikola,

I finally found a way to incorporate your complaint regarding the
tutorial-like nature of the document: I simply erased the sentence that
talks about it being daunting at first.  It served no purpose and now its
gone :-)

-- Disclaimer: I am *not* arrogant in real life, so if you perceive me as
being arrogant, you are to blame ;-)

2012/6/18 Nikola Smiljanic <popizdeh at gmail.com>

> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Mikael Lyngvig <mikael at lyngvig.org>
> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> >     3. The document now covers 32-bit and 64-bit builds with MinGW tools
> (if
> > anybody know of an alternate BINARY distribution of MinGW64 than
> Drangon's
> > release, please let me know so I can include it in the document).
> As was once explained to me by Ruben Van Boxem, what you call mingw32
> should probably be called mingw.org (or maybe only mingw). The other
> one should be called MinGW-w64. Also note that MinGW-w64 can target
> both 32-bit and 64-bit windows!
> I was also informed that nightly builds of mingw-w64 are rock solid,
> so here's a link to toolchain targeting Win64
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw-w64/files/Toolchains%20targetting%20Win64/Personal%20Builds/rubenvb/release/
> As for the rest of the document I have only one complaint that's more
> a matter of style and taste. The document sounds like tutorial and is
> very different from say "getting started" which is more to the point.
> I'll try to be more concrete:
> "Building LLVM on Windows using the MinGW32 or MinGW64 toolchains can seem
> daunting at first."
> I never had this impression, you just checkout clang, unpack mingw,
> run cmake, run ming32-make. Also note that I knew next to nothing
> about mingw when I first did this.
> Mingw vs VS issues
> I think it would be fair to say that mingw is better supported without
> having to list every feature that doesn't work with VS (who will
> remember to change this page when the features get implemented?). I'm
> also assuming the person already knows why he wants to use mingw.
> Reference to "Getting Started"
> I think that Getting Started page should have a link to your document
> as the official Clang+Mingw information. You don't really need to
> refer back to Getting started, infinite loop anyone :)
> As Justin said, I would concentrate more on the official tools like
> ming32-make.
> The way I imagine this is:
> - explain how to choose mingw flavor
> - checkout llvm/clang
> - how to use cmake to generate makefiles
> - how to build using ming32-make
> - how to debug
> - how to run tests (python, gnuwin32, subversion)
> - mention alternative tools like ninja build
> As I said, this is just my personal preference, I just had the
> impression that your document was too long and covered a lot of ground
> that it didn't really have to.
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