[cfe-dev] Help with compiling code with libcxx

Ashok Nalkund ashoknn at qualcomm.com
Sat Jun 16 11:03:09 PDT 2012

On 6/16/2012 7:35 AM, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
> 16.06.2012, 03:50, "Ashok Nalkund"<ashoknn at qualcomm.com>:
>> On 6/15/2012 4:45 PM, Richard Smith wrote:
>>>   On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Dmitri Gribenko<gribozavr at gmail.com>    wrote:
>>>>   On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 4:22 PM, Ashok Nalkund<ashoknn at qualcomm.com>    wrote:
>>>>>   Any info on compiling Qt (4.8.2) with clang&    libc++ ? I couldnt find
>>>>>   replacements for things like "__gnu_cxx::__exchange_and_add()" being used in
>>>>>   Qt.
>>>>   Clang has C11 atomics:
>>>>   http://clang.llvm.org/docs/LanguageExtensions.html#__c11_atomic
>>>   It also supports the full set of GNU atomic builtins, if using
>>>   _Atomic(...) types is impractical:
>>>   http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.7.0/gcc/_005f_005fatomic-Builtins.html#_005f_005fatomic-Builtins
>> If I understand correctly, you are suggesting modifying Qt code and
>> replace the __gnu_cxx::__exchange_and_add() and similar calls with
>> libc++ variants, right?
> If you are about QtWebKit code, feel free to just disable GCC clause of #ifdef
> You may loose performance of atomiv operations in WebKit though.

It was in script, I've disabled script for now (our code uses the script 
functionality but I'll see how this goes).


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